A-League: Injured Newcastle Jets marquee Ronny Vargas determined to rejoin undefeated leaders this season

While an exact return date has yet to be finalised, injured Newcastle Jets marquee Ronny Vargas remains determined to rejointhe undefeated A-League leaders sooner rather than later this season.

After training on Tuesday the Venezuelan international –on crutches andwearing a CAM boot –addressed the mediafor the first time since dislocating and breaking his left anklelast month.

PROGRESS: Injured Newcastle Jets marquee Ronny Vargas at training on Tuesday. Picture: Josh Callinan

And while themidfielder admitted fleeting concern for his future careerin Brisbane on October 22,pain has been put aside and replaced with a daily rehabilitation program aimed at getting back on the paddock as quickly as possible.

“To be honest it was very bad andvery sad,” the 30-year-oldsaid.

“But I’mreally a positive person, so even when I saw my leg in thiscondition, maybe you can think about this [career end], but this is like a short two or three seconds.

“Later, when you start to know the diagnosis and how everything is, then you start to be more positive and say you can comeback and do this again.This is a sport that I love and something I don’t see myself out of. So as soon as I can comeback and play football I will.”

Vargas, who underwent surgery the night of the incident courtesy of Roar doctor Jeremy Bartlett,will stay in the CAM boot for another three weeks before having a screw removed to begin walking.

Jets physiotherapist Justin Dougherty, who has been Vargas’ right-hand man throughout the recovery, said the No.10 has been a good patient.

“Credit to Ronny, he’s been excellent with his rehab,” Dougherty said.

“He puts in a good six-to-eight hours every day –whether it’s game ready, movement exercises or strengthening.”

Goals have been set between the pair, but circling the calendar wasn’t key.

“As soon as the injury happened I sat down with Ronny and we did a bit of goal setting and some planning,” Dougherty said. “We didn’t set a specific date as such, but if we can get him back on the park before the end of the season that’s what everyone is hoping for.”

The 2017-2018 finals take place from April 20.

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