Barry Humphries bares all in intimate Newcastle stage show


Barry Humphries – The Man Behind The Mask, this is a show about the man himself.

In an intimate, confessional evening – seasoned with highly personal, sometimes startlingand occasionallyoutrageous stories – ’s best-loved entertainer will be peeling off his mask to introduce the manbehind the clown.

For more than 60 years Humphries has held a mirror to and ns, revealing their virtues,their foibles, their triumphs and their failings through a gallery of adored charactersincluding Dame EdnaEverage, Sir Les Paterson and Sandy Stone.

Now he will spin the mirror around, exposing his own highs and lows, the good times and the not so good.Themes include Humphries’ n childhood, family relationships, attitudes, career and his experiencesas one of the world’s most acclaimed entertainers.

“This is a show in which I am the principal character; it’s not Les, it’s not Edna, it’s not Sandy Stone. It isreally about this character called ‘me’. I’m not in disguise,” Humphries said.

“It is the story of my generation, it is a story of a life spent in the theatre and a life spent in comedy, and itwill show what it is like to be a clown.

“In a way, this is perhaps the bravest thing I’ve ever done and I hopethe most entertaining. I think people might be agreeably shocked and they certainly will learn much theydidn’t know.”

Audiences can expect a virtuoso, comic, solo performance filled with laughter, drama and surprise. Therewill be an opportunity to ask questions and the magic of technology may even allow appearances – orinterruptions – by unexpected guests.

“Audio-visual technology has made dramatic strides in my life and it’s now possible for me to be on stagewith one of my own characters. They may intrude. I might be interrupted,” he hinted.

“I might even beupstaged.”

Humphries has retired from “relentlessly touring” however hecan’t wait to introduce ns to thisnew phase in his creative life.

“I’m rather proud of what I’ve done in my career. It’s constantly surprising, it’s very stimulating and it’swonderful to look back on, and to look forward to. It’s still going strong, and with a vengeance.”

Humphries will kick off his national tour at 8am on May 5, followed bya 1pm performance on May 6, at Newcastle’s Civic Theatre.

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