Benefit day planned for Muscular Dystrophy sufferer Ellen Higginbottom

BRAVE: Muscular Dystrophy sufferer Ellen Higginbottom at home with husband Dean. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.Maitland Muscular Dystrophy battler Ellen Higginbottom is a step closer to getting a modified vehicle with a charity benefit nightplanned later this month.

The community has rallied behind Ellen withfriend Georgina Grine organising the eveningto help Ellen get back on the road again.

Ellen was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when she was12.

The 34-year-oldsuffered mobility issues, would fall over and was weak. Despite these early challenges she played netball and tookballet lessons but as her condition deteriorated she had to rely on her family and a wheelchair for help.

While limited towhat she could do, Ellen still managed to enjoy someindependence,until she fell and broke her arm in 2011.“I went from being fully independent once dressed in my chair to being dependent on people to set everything up for me,” she said.

But the worst was to come. Ellen suffered an adverse reaction to her pain medication which resulted in respiratory failure and her placed on life support in intensive care.This was to become hernemesis.“The average life expectancy for someone with MD once ventilated is about five years. I hope to at least triple that,” she said.

FairfaxMedia told Ellen’s story in a front page report in October.

The benefit nightwill be held at Maitland City Bowls Sports and Recreation Club on Saturday, November 25 at 6pm.

A night of live music, fun and games will be held with tickets available through TryBooking “On the Road Again Auction.

Tickets are $80 adults and $25 children. Children aged under five are free. Drinks and canapes are includes.

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