British MPs’ advice for China on same-sex marriage

News. Gay british MP Nick Herbert is in australia, will be lobbying coalition conservatives on Same Sex Marriage. He led the freedom to marry campaign in the UK and is a former minister in david cameron’s govt. Photo by Edwina Pickles. Taken on 8th Feb 2017.London: Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May says she hopes will swiftly legislate gay marriage as Tory MPs dismissed fears it would undermine religion, citing England’s own experience in introducing the change three years ago.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in England and Wales since 2014 after it was introduced the year prior by the conservative government led by David Cameron.

Shortly after the result was announced, Mr Cameron said he was delighted was following Britain’s lead.

“I’m incredibly proud of legalising same sex marriage in the UK and delighted that other countries are looking to do the same,” the former prime minister said in a tweet. “G’day !”

Mrs May echoed her predecessor during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

“I was proud, as I know he and other colleagues were, when we passed legislation here in this house, to enable same sex marriage here in the United Kingdom,” she told the House of Commons. “I hope the n government will indeed take that vote and act on it very soon.”

Mrs May was responding to a question from the Tory MP Iain Stewart.

He told Fairfax Media that ‘s decision was “another step towards global equality”.

“When the UK parliament approved same-sex marriage here a few years ago, some members voiced concerns about its introduction,” he said.

“These have not been realised and many who opposed it at the time now support it. I hope MPs in look at our experience and make the change in the law requested by the people.”

Debate will begin in the Senate on Thursday on the private members’ bill put forward by the Western n Liberal Senator Dean Smith to change the Marriage Act. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he expects it will be passed by Christmas.

But conservatives and ‘no’ campaigners are preparing to move major amendments to the bill. They want to make it legal for religious believers to refuse services for gay weddings without facing anti-discrimination action on the grounds of “conscientious objections”.

Nick Herbert, a conservative British MP and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights, led the “Freedom to Marry” campaign in Britain. Earlier this year he travelled to to brief MPs on the UK’s experience. “When we introduced equal marriage in England and Wales the reform became uncontroversial overnight,” he said. “We just made thousands of couples and their families very happy and that was a good day for lawmakers.”

Jason Groves, the president of the n Liberals Abroad, the only officially affiliated government organisation to back the ‘yes’ campaign, said the n result had made him “more proud to be n”.

“Now that this issue has been debated extensively, passing Senator Dean Smith’s bill should be parliament’s Christmas present to lesbian and gay ns,” he said.

“Those of us who’ve celebrated a same sex union overseas will be excited finally to have their relationship recognised when they go home.”

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