Charlie the Chicken at Charlestown Toyota has disappeared

Icon: Charlie the Chicken at Charlestown Toyota, before his disappearance. Charlestown Toyota’s mascot Charlie the Chicken is a Newcastleinstitution.

Kids love him. People love him. His good mate Henny Penny loves him. Even Colonel Sanders loves him.

This is why Charlie’s disappearance has caused such an uproar.

Newcastle City Council interim chief executive officer Jeremy Bath emailedTopics about the issue.

“Dear Topics, for more than a week now my kids (aged six and three)have been asking me what happened to Charlie Chicken at Charlestown Toyota,” Jeremy wrote.

“I could call them, but I figure I’m one of thousands of parents facing the same question and a Topics investigation is better suited.

“Tell me he’s coming back and hasn’t actually gone to ‘the farm’, where my first few pets as a child apparently ended up.”

Jeremy, you can breathe easy.

Topics can confirm that Charlie hasn’t gone to the farm.

We can also confirm that you and your kids are not the onlyones concerned about Charlie’s welfare.

Charlestown Toyota general manager Darryl Smith said the car yard had beeninundated with queries about Charlie’s absence.

“On Saturday alone, we took more than a dozen calls frompeople ringing up asking where he is andis he coming back,” Darryl said.

“We’ve had people coming in and asking us. We’ve had a lady bring in a letter that her grandkids wrote about how upset they were that he’s gone.

“Wehad a woman give us a one-star rating on Facebook, complaining because Charlie wasn’t there.”

Darryl joined Charlestown Toyotafour months ago. Whilewe’re pretty sure he likes a good chook,he’s definitely not used to this kind of chicken mania.

“I can’t believe how much of an icon Charlie is out this way,” he said.

“It’sincredible.Honestly, it’s blown me away.”

So whyhas Charliegone? Well, Darryl’s daughterspointed out that the chook’seyes weren’t working properly.

“We had to take him down to repair him,” he said.

“He’s on annual leave at the moment getting a makeover and rest. He’s had eye surgery and is still recovering.”

Oh, he’ll also be getting a fresh coat of paint.

The good news is that Charlieshould be back up before Christmas.

“Give him a honk to welcome him home when you see him again,” Darryl said.

United States of Warners BayTopics has learned that Warners Bay has several streets named after American cities.

There’s New York Avenue, Colorado Close, Indiana Close, Minnesota Way, Nebraska Close and Vermont Place.

A Lake Macquarie Library document on Warners Bay street names shows that all these streets, which are near each other, were part of a James Mullen development.

We’re not too sure who James Mullen is, but we’re wondering if he might be a homesick American.

Hair of the DogEdgeworth’s Gary Lawless read our recent pieceabout Cat on a Mat Yoga.

ThisHunter Valley Cat Haven event involvedhumans doing yoga, while kittens roamed about. Patting was encouraged, but not mid-pose.

Topics had mentioned thatcats and dogs have their own version of yoga. Hence, the yoga poses downward dog and cat-cow.

Gary told Topics that hehadinvented a yoga posecalled “hair of the dog”.

This pose relatesmainly to working dogs.

“It starts with many whistles and various voice commands aimed at the errant canine. When these gradually increase in volume without an appreciable result, it usually ends with the whistler and shouter throwing any nearby rocks at the subject of his frustration in an attempt to gain his attention,” hesaid.

“It ends with his hat thrown on the ground and the whistler/rock thrower on his knees, withshaking fists extended above his head, howling to the almightyto give him strength.

“You can hold this position for quite some time or until the complexion returns to normal colour.

“This pose is not recommended for people with sensitive nerves or an excitable nature, as the effects can be long lasting.”

New York Avenue at Warners Bay.

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