Hold the phone, Hotline Hoagies are coming to NewcastlePHOTOS

Hold the phone, hoagies are coming TweetFacebook Hotline Hoagies | PHOTOSKeep an eye out for the Italian-style “long roll sandwich” in Newcastle. Food lovers of Newcastle, rejoice. A new menu is about to diversify the city’sculinary credentials.

FRESH: Hotline Hoagies founder Nicholas Brady with one of his creations.

Former Novocastrian Nicholas Brady is the brains behind Hotline Hoagies, a Perth-based food truck. Hoagie is thePhiladelphian name for a sandwich made on a long white Italian roll. Just don’t call it a sub.

“I’ve been based in Perth for the past nine years. I’ve managed bars and nightclubs and for the past five years I have runThe Good Shepherd bar,” Brady says.

“I’ve always had a real love of food, particularly Italian. I used to really like a meatball sub from a fast food outlet that will remain nameless but I was tired of the mass-produced taste that I was getting.”

He decided to make his own “meatball hoagie” at home using a fusion of Italian and American influences.

“I made one and posted the image on Instagram and I got a bunch of likes and people were excited. At that moment I knew I could make a business out of this,” he says

And so HotlineHoagieswas born. Brady started with a few pop-ups around Perth and worked at some of the city’s biggest events. A trip home to Newcastle last year to visit family convinced him to think further afield.

“I think it’s such an exciting time for businesses in Newcastle. What better place to launch HotlineHoagieson the east coast? We will be popping up around the town at various street food events soon with plans to open a bricks and mortar early next year.”

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