Seven of world’s cutest cabins to escape daily grind

Whether your favourite scenery is snow-capped mountains, green forests or the coast, there’s probably a cute cabin hidden in there somewhere.

When the daily grind all gets to much, it can be so tempting to escape to a cosy little home away from it all.

Here are Domain’s picks of seven of the cutest cabins around the globe for your inspiration. 1. Akrafjorden, SwedenHow’s the serenity? Photo: Snohetta

It doesn’t get more remote than this – a cabin that’s only accessible by horse or on foot.

Architecture firm Snohetta built this sloping moss-covered abode named Bjellandsbu in the Swedish Akrafjorden mountain region.???

Because it’s so isolated and surrounded by difficult terrain, it was crafted completely from local stones and timber. 2. Rabbit Snare Gorge, CanadaA cabin with class. Photo: Doublespace.

This sleek three-storey house is located in the interestingly-named Rabbit Snare Gorge, in Canada’s Nova Scotia province.

The timber-clad cabin was designed by architects Design Base 8 and Omar Gandhi, who added two balconies and glass windows for maximum views.

It only has one bedroom but high ceilings that go on for days. 3. Victorian Coast, The Moonlight Cabin. Photo: Jeremy Weihrauch/ jcba老域名购买.au. Completed in 2014, the award-winning Moonlight Cabin by n architect Jackson Clements Burrows is a masterpiece made of spotted gum. “The climate is harsh, windswept, often misty with rain, and the cabin is a place to retreat from and engage with these ephemeral conditions,” the architects previously told Dezeen. “It has been designed to be adaptable, to partially shut down as its occupants require, to be secured when they leave, and reopened when they return.” 4. EstoniaSlightly weird and wonderful. Photo: Jaanus Orgusaar.

This optical illusion cabin has six sides that zig zag up and down and two large fish eye windows.

Named “Noa”, this cabin was built by designer Jaanus Orgusaar in Estonia but can be taken apart and moved anywhere

“The floor plan of the house is a hexagon, the walls and roof are compiled of identical rhombuses, therefore it is easy to continue the structure in space by adding the next module. The house lacks acute angles, therefore giving an impression of a round space,” Orgusaar said about the cabin. 5. Colinton, A nature lover’s paradise. Photo: Domain老域名购买.au This four-bedroom artists’ retreat with timber interiors sits on 126 hectares in the Brisbane River Valley. According to the listing it’s a wildlife paradise, home to red deer, platypus, koalas, wallabies and more than 230 species of birds.2/568 Glenhowden Road, Colinton QLD is currently on the market for $799,000.Related: These isolated houses are perfect for introvertsRelated: Staying in remotes cabins in Sweden can decrease stress by 70 per cent: reportRelated: Seven of the world’s most remote island homes6. Quebec, Canada Snow-white. Photo: Delordinaire. With an all-white exterior this cabin from French architects Delordinaire looks like it would become invisible during snowfall. Named High House for obvious reasons, the building has painted white concrete panel cladding and corrugated steel roof panels. It sits on black stilts overlooking the Mont Saint Anne mountains in Canada. 7. Vallsta, SwedenTall timber. Photo: Bergaliv.

This stilted timber cabin overlooking the Asberget mountains by Swedish architect Hanna Michelson is the first of four getaways being built for the Bergaliv Landscape Hotel, Dezeen reports.

At 10 metres high, it’s tall enough to see above the trees and have a great view of the river.

Located outside the town of Vallsta, the cabin is available for you and one other to rent for 1595 SEK ($250) per night.

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