Short Takes November 15 2017

So John Beach (“Plenty of spin but no traction for jobs, businesses”, Opinion 14/11):these “out of towners” working on the construction of the track. Where do they sleep? Where do they eat? Where do they shop? Do they engage in after-hour activities? Sightseeing? It’s all money injected into the city.

Sandra Fulmer, HamiltonTHE spin doctors at Newcastle council recently mailed me a promo which stated“the biggest event in Newcastle history is fast approaching …”Silly me, I thought the biggest event in Newcastle history was World War Two – but the spin doctors were probably not born then, sohow could they know?As I ponderedthe steel and concrete barricades and wire to hold back the enraged people, the tank tracks in Hunter Street andthe railwaydisappeared I thought perhaps the spin doctors were right and World War Two is still on?Perhaps we could have a postal vote tosee just where we are.

R.H. Millbank,AdamstownI THINK it’s about time we acknowledge the wisdom and foresight of those who drew up our constitution. After years of searching for legitimate means by which to remove politicians, it’s almost ironic that we rely on past ns to show us the way forward. If only our constitution were to contain other demands which will preclude more politicians then this country will be demonstrably improved.

Peter Peyser,GosfordWHY hasn’t the Governor-General of stepped up and sacked the parliament and called for an election of candidates that are citizens of n to form government?

Bruce Clack,MerewetherBILL Slicer, it’s nice to see you praising the Jets on their performance I will sit back and wait for the criticism after their first loss. Until then …

Colin Geatches,MayfieldIN light of Royal Commission chair Justice Peter McClellan’s comments (“Protecting the church”, Herald 14/11) in my view knowing and not acting is almost as bad as committing the act yourself.Shame on anyone who stood by and enabled these monsters.

Barry Miller, EllalongTHE POLLSSHOULD we be concerned about the level of shark activity on local beaches?

Yes 50%,No 50%HAS Earth been visited by aliens?

Absolutely 55%, Nope 24%, Possibly21%WHAT do you think about Supercars’ race preparations?

Terrible 58%,A few teething problemsbut mostly fine 26%,As good as any other event I’ve seen16%,HOW many hours overtime do you work each week?

None 15%, between 1 and 3 hours each week 13%, between 4 and 7 hours each week23%, between 8 and 10 hours each week15%, more than 10 hours each week34%

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